Dia de los Muertos

I only learnt about Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) on my trip to Mexico earlier this year (see my post on the trip are here), and wish we celebrated it here in the UK. It's a latin american tradition, though it originated in Mexico. On November 1st, streets are adorned with brightly coloured skulls, papel picado and flowers, and parties and feasts are held in memory of loved ones lost. The idea being that, at midnight, the spirits of those who have passed will waken to join the celebrations, and so those who have been parted are, on this night, reunited.

Bloody Mary

Her skin, they said, was sallow, like the colour of death,
Get too close, they said, and you'd smell blood on her breath.
Could it be, they thought, she snatches children from their beds?
For Jill and Tom were missing, as well as young Fred.

Bloody Mary

On her eleventh birthday, she looked her very best;
She was gifted a gown fit for a fairy princess.
Adorned with gold and glitter, she danced with sheer delight,
Skipping from mirror to mirror, shimmering with light.

Hansel & Gretel

Feeling inspired by my visit to the Oxo Tower to see the Grimm Tales immersive theatre show at the Bargehouse. It was all very atmospheric with its mood lighting, wood-chip floors, creepy portraits, ghostly dresses and smell of mulled wine. The play moved from room to room, and in each room was a different story. They were all entertaining, and all new to me other than my favourite – Hansel and Gretel, even though I have read it a gazillion times.

Michael & Me

In memory of you and our hopscotch days – Happy Birthday Michael.


Currently reading this, and fancied a christmas holiday drawing. How festive of me.

Waste of ink?

I just don't know. But I think I'd wear this print. On a blouse. 
My tastes are not for everyone. 

The Reveurs

Just finished reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It's beautifully written and I very much miss being lost in its world of black and white striped tents, ice gardens and wishing trees. In the book, there are characters that follow the circus wherever it travels - huge fans, as obsessed with the world as the reader. They are the reveurs. They have an in-club dress code of monotone shades, to match the colours of the circus, with a token of red, signifying that they are spectators and not performers.

If you liked The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, then I recommend reading this book.

I Hate You

If some one bought me some free time I would conjure up more than this nonsense.


I have made a bit of an artwork out of my CV. Have been meaning to do a piece in this style for a while, and it was just a matter of choosing the information to apply it to. Why I didn't think of my CV sooner I don't know. I also don't know why I walked in to a very large and quite unmissable pillar today, but there you have it. Life.

Fruit Palace Graff-off: Storm Cloud

An amazing experience at Bussey Building's Roof Top Party - great music, sunshine, awesome views of London, and the opportunity to decorate its scene with a very large scale drawing.

Me and Dani
Sam helping out with the monster's body hair
An intoxicated stranger contributed the Rasta. I think we managed to work it in :/
Storm Cloud - on paper

Rose's Woe

She stopped at the tree where he’d carved their name,
‘TOGETHER FOREVER’, and she’d thought the same.

Love 'em

Illustrating the alphabet for hand-printed, organic cotton cushions for Gil who runs Love 'em: www.love-em.co.uk

The Tale of the Night Stalker

Pitifully, I crawled back in to bed to lie beside my skin, 
and waited for my parents to come on in…

Rose's Woe

She lay to rest on a spot of green,
And cleared her mind of all the woe that had been.

E4 Sting - Splutter Scene

Bit of a mission to get to on the site, so here it is in its grotesque glory...


BETTER QUALITY ONE HERE: http://www.e4.com/video/N2P4xwxPA00976KJWe21pP/play.e4

Arakhne Alley

In the middle of the night, monsters are the biggest fright.
Shadows form upon the wall, showing creatures great and tall.


Yiayia sieves through rice before she washes and cooks it. She is looking for bad grains. She keeps the unchecked morsels to one side and the good grains to the other. Bad grains are thrown out. Sometimes there are never bad grains but it is better to check than be sorry. Lord only knows what a bad grain may do to the evening's dish!

Bus Stop

Today, at work, our server was down :D So we couldn't do any work :D I shouldn't be so happy but I am :D because I got to draw this strange little Bus Stop scene. I only had a biro and pencil, but photoshop paints helped give it some life.

Being Human

I had the urge to make a font, but I don't have the software, so I decided to doodle in Acute font instead. Inspired by my minor obsession with Being Human TV series (I'm so behind on this one), here's my scribble for the evening. I timed this, just out of curiosity because I seem to lose time when I draw - it took 6-8 minutes per letter but it felt so much quicker.

Useless Mouth

Strange little creature. He eats with his mouth so the orifice is not completely useless. He eats beans. Lots of beans. All varieties. He only eats beans. He grows beans, he harvests beans and he sells beans at the local market. He wishes he was a bean. He has no girlfriend.

Secrets Secrets

Illustration material for the short film Secrets Secrets by Christopher Abreu and Cody Stokes.
This job was super fun and involved designing sets and characters, and creating illustrations and artwork for promotional material.