The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

I had a lot of fun this week drawing these pictures for the Blank Pages project, set by London-based design agency, Fridge Creative.

This image can be found on page 19 of the book:

The Witch gave Dorothy a friendly little nod, whirled around on her left heel three times, and straightway disappeared, much to the surprise of little Toto, who barked after her loudly enough when she had gone, because he had been afraid even to growl while she stood by. But Dorothy, knowing her to be a witch, had expected her to disappear in just that way, and was not surprised in the least.
My second image was for blank page 23, but by the time I had submitted it on Thursday night, I was too late, it had been filled. It would also have worked very well for page 25, but that too was filled. Maybe I can read on and find somewhere else that it could fit - maybe I'd have to adapt the image slightly. For now, I am just happy to have another picture under my belt - it was an achievement creating a picture of this size and detail with the few hours that I had to spare after work  :)

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